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Technology is an essential part of everyday life. Devices that were originally designed for people with disabilities can be found in every home. In fact, the remote control was originally designed to allow people with limited mobility to control their environment. Today remote controls are used by everyone, everywhere.

Home Automation Systems, also known as smart home technologies, are systems that can control elements of your home environment such as lighting, appliances, security and heating. These systems and devices can be controlled by standard electricity with the use of computer chips and a variety of other switches. For example, motion sensors can be used to activate and deactivate lights within a room. This can be highly useful for an individual who requires a wheelchair or scooter within their home.

For many individuals Home Automation can offer several quality of life enhancing benefits. It can greatly increase your independence within the home allowing you to have greater control over your own environment. This can mean heightened alertness and more efficient communication resulting in increased personal safety. Home automation can also offer security and peace of mind by allowing you to monitor your home and security system while you are away.

While Home Automation seems like the perfect solution for anyone, it is important to consider all aspects before investing in a Home Automation System. Is it simple and intuitive to use? Technology can be intimidating, and not everyone fully understands how complex systems can work. An extensive system is useless unless you understand how to utilize it to its full potential.

Is there enough power to run it? The cutting edge Home Automation Systems of today pride themselves on being energy efficient, however, that does not mean that they can be installed just anywhere. Ensure that you have taken the appropriate steps to have your home throughly assessed before you commit to installing a system. Rewiring in an older home can be expensive compared to new builds. Thankfully, manufacturers have developed wireless systems that are considerably more affordable.

A Home Automation System can drastically change the quality of life for someone living with disability. It can create a new sense of security and independence while offering additional benefits such as whole home cost efficiency. An independent, adaptable, secure house most definitely is a Home for Life™.

For more information on how you or a loved one can build a Home for Life™ please contact us.