1. Who is Home for Life™?

Home for Life™ is an initiative of Age Friendly Edmonton.

Age Friendly Edmonton is a new, collaborative initiative between the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council, Edmonton’s senior serving organizations and other community stakeholders. The Vision for an Age Friendly Edmonton is Edmonton’s long range plan to be a more supportive and inclusive community for older adults.

The Home for Life™ guidelines were created by a committee of representatives from a number of organizations that serve older Edmontonians.  The name is trademarked by the University of Alberta.

For more information on Age Friendly Edmonton, projects and resources, visit www.edmonton.ca/agefriendly.

2. Does Home for Life™ sell homes?

No. Home for Life™ is a set of voluntary guidelines to help home owners, home buyers and home builders create homes that meet the needs of all people, regardless of their age or ability. The guidelines were designed to be used by people building new homes, but they can also be used for renovation projects.  

3. Where are there Home for Life™ homes for sale?

There are many people living in Alberta who have improved their homes by including features that are described in our guidelines. We recommend searching “universal housing” on YouTube. Wheelchair accessible housing has many of the same features as Home for Life™. You can see tours of wheelchair accessible housing on the Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta) website.

Home for Life™ isn’t a certification program, so you won’t find our logo attached to any builder’s products.

4. How to contact/find a builder or who do I talk to?

Begin by having a conversation with your builder. Take the link to Home for Life™ into your next meeting. Explain why you want a Home for Life™. Note any problems your builder raises that would prevent you from building a Home for Life™ and send them to us via our Contact link. We will help you find the answers you need.

5. Where can I learn more about building a better home?

Below are a list of resources that contain detailed information for building better homes: