Home for Life™ Essentials:

  1. A minimum 60” diameter turning circle in the work area (in front of, or adjacent to, the sink, fridge, cooktop and oven)
  2. Waste pipe under the sink brought through the wall at 12” – 14” to the centre of the pipe from floor level. This enables the homeowner to lower the sink without having to reroute plumbing.


  1. At least one section of lowered countertop with no cabinetry (or removable cabinetry) below. Lowered sections of countertop will be:
  • between 30” and 32” high
  • a minimum of 30” wide
  • a minimum of 19” deep
  1. Removable cabinetry beneath the sink OR retractable cabinet doors with no toe kick
  2. All counters mounted between 32” and 34”from the floor
  3. Upper cabinetry hung no higher than 16” from the surface of the countertop, except where the Alberta Building Code states that they must be higher (e.g. around cooktops)
  4. Height adjustable kitchen cabinets.  Various options are available on the market.
  5. A rear draining sink
  6. Electrical switches located in the side of cabinetry rather than at the back
  7. A counter cooktop with front or side controls
  8. A wall-mounted, side-opening oven with a heat-proof slide-out work surface beneath
  9. Flooring that runs under counters (to maintain a finished look if they are ever removed)