Home for Life™ Essentials:

At least one full (3-piece) bathroom that can be reached without climbing stairs* which contains:

  1. A 60” turning circle(s) in front of, or adjacent to, the toilet, sink and shower
  2. A minimum 34” of clear space between the edge of the toilet bowl and the nearest wall OR the option to easily expand the bathroom without relocating plumbing 
  3. Waste pipe under the sink brought in at 12” – 14” to the centre of the pipe from the floor.  This enables the homeowner to lower the sink without having to reroute the plumbing.
  4. A minimum 60” x 60” shower area with no threshold
  5. ¾” plywood sheeting installed around the toilet and shower according to the illustration below.  Plywood sheeting provides the greatest amount of flexibility for positioning grab bars, should they be needed.  Minimum ¾” plywood is required to support the weight of the average user.


  1. A turning circle that will not impede the user’s ability to close the door.  A pocket door or outward swinging door may be required in smaller rooms. The turning circle may extend into the shower area but is not ideal.
  2. Removable cabinetry beneath the sink OR retractable cabinet doors with no toe kick
  3. Flooring run under the sink to maintain a finished look should cabinets need to be removed
  4. Toilet located next to a full-length wall